Improve operating performance and strengthen your company’s bottom line when you employ cutting-edge electrical engineering technology. State-of-the-art electrical panels, efficient wiring installations plus well-maintained, refurbished and enhanced equipment:

  • Slash downtime
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Boost productivity

And whether you need maintenance for a single machine – or wiring, panels, and equipment lines installed and optimized for a new factory – 4E orchestrates the entire process from start to finish, keeping your business on track for success.

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  • Supplemental Staffing


Save time and money with efficient electrical installation service from 4E. Our engineers and electricians guide and control each step in the process to ensure your requirements are met. Plus we scrutinize your specifications to ensure they’re correct and serve your needs. With 4E on your team, you avoid costly pitfalls and maximize functionality for the greatest long-term benefit.


Protect lives and prevent fires: let 4E decommission all electrical systems contained within the scope of your building demolition, remodeling or repair project. Once you receive our approval you know it’s safe to let the demolition process begin.


Remodeling & Repair
4E tackles inside plant projects of any size and scale. We collaborate with your structural and civil engineers and your architect to ensure you receive tailor-made plans that meet your goals. And we bring your project to swift, satisfactory completion to meet your strategic timeline requirements.


Here are the services 4E provides:

  • Inside plant cabling and cable termination, distribution systems, and lighting and power distribution and analysis.
  • Single-building power distribution upgrades to multi-facility cabling and distribution.
  • Lighting retrofits and upgrades plus work with electric utility companies to secure rebates.
  • High voltage services.
  • Low voltage services including communications, network, direct digital control and security.
  • Keep safe and maximize function with 4E’s tailor-made installation services.


Safe, effective electrical panels are the lifeblood of your company and it’s imperative you have trouble-free panels that maximize building efficiency and operating productivity.

A UL Listed/Certified panel shop, 4E custom designs and builds state-of-the-art panels that meet your requirements. From small, single-use electrical panels to large environmentally-controlled panels for industrial and commercial applications, expect quality service at each step in the process including:

  • Electrical schematics, integrated electrical systems and complete product documentation.
  • Energy-efficient elements (such as variable frequency drives) integrated into the control panel system.
  • Custom color.
  • Scheduled maintenance complemented by online troubleshooting to provide years of reliable service.


Prevent costly extended shutdowns with 4E on your team. Whether you need on-site service and repair or send your equipment to us, our qualified mechanical technicians keep you informed and solve your problems with precision and speed so you get back to business, pronto.


Field Service
Wherever you are in North America or throughout the world, 4E’s qualified field technicians serve your needs:

Equipment and building electrical system repairs, including lighting, circuitry and control panels.
Rigging, welding, tramming, bearings and gears replacements.

Professional OEM support.
Whenever and wherever the need arises, contact us to get stellar service, fast.


Preventative Maintenance
Slash downtime, reduce total cost of ownership and keep strategic goals on course when you implement 4E’s Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) program. Here’s how the program works:

  • During our initial visit, together we survey the condition of your existing infrastructure, machinery and equipment.
  • You receive a status report detailing requirements to bring and/or keep your machinery, equipment and infrastructure into desired specifications.
  • Based on your needs and our recommendations, the frequency of PPM visits is agreed on. 4E provides 6-month, 12-month or 3-year PPM contracts covering service, maintenance and repair.


4E’s optional On-Call pager and Emergency Response services may be added to your PPM contract (subject to your geographic location and 4E’s present workload).
Whether you’re an existing client or new to 4E, PPM contracts on your facility infrastructure and equipment are a sound investment in your business success. Learn more about our convenient PPM program and contact us today.


4E Eagle Electric is a full service electrical contractor providing electrical installations, renovations, and maintenance for a wide array of industrial, commercial, municipal, institutional and residential customers located in Rhode Island & Connecticut.