You achieve important energy and profitability goals – and help your company succeed – when you automate facility and equipment processes. Expect improved operating efficiency and ease of use, ample cost and energy savings, and enhanced environmental comfort for your employees.

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  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • OEM Support
  • Direct Digital Control


Improve your manufacturing and plant efficiency plus reduce energy and maintenance costs with programmable logic controllers (PLC’s). PLC’s are digital computers which automate and control your processes and equipment. They also monitor and respond to an almost limitless amount of real-time information data to determine the optimal sequence of electrical flow to be used.


4E helps you maximize your process and machine efficiency with precise PLC selection, programming and networking. We make your processes and machinery do what they must to achieve your strategic goals. Here’s how:


  • Install & Optimize New Equipment Get new equipment online, commissioned and operating at peak performance as soon as possible. 4E staff works closely with you to achieve these goals, reduce your stress and keep your business strategy on track.


  • Refurbish &/or Reconfigure Existing Equipment Instead of investing in expensive new equipment, save money by refurbishing and modernizing your existing equipment to better than new condition.Whether you want to improve performance or need existing equipment to perform a new task, 4E replaces and updates failing or outmoded electronics and mechanical wear items plus optimizes equipment performance for maximum efficiency.


  • Service & Repair Existing Equipment Unless you maintain staff expert in the field of PLC’s, servicing and repairing your own equipment can be a daunting task. 4E performs these tasks every day. By supplementing your maintenance staff, we ensure your equipment receives swift, cost-efficient service and repair so you keep your operation on track.


  • Human Machine Interface Depending on your needs, 4E customizes innovative, state-of-the-art interface solutions that minimize training and maximize productivity. In turn you can expect an enhanced bottom line with the energy and labor savings achieved.


  • Peer-to-Peer Communication (P2P) PLC’s can be designed to interface with a human operator, but their ability to use P2P communication with other PLC units in your system allows them to respond with digital speed to process immense amounts of real-time data and situations within a complex system.


Put PLC’s to work at your operation; contact us today to learn more.



Improve operation efficiency and performance plus save time and money using a flexible, logical, user-friendly Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

SCADA is a computer system which gathers and analyzes real time information. From your base operation, SCADA allows your facility operator to monitor and control plant and equipment processes distributed across various remote sites. Here’s how a 4E custom designed SCADA system benefits your operation:

  • Reduces labor required to maintain and inspect each site, collect and log data, and make adjustments.
  • Troubleshoots problems and makes immediate adjustments before issues become costly.
  • Frees up personnel time to implement other important tasks and strategies.
  • Lengthens equipment life.
  • Integrates different equipment brands or vintage systems for added efficiency.
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance with customized, automated report generation.


To learn how SCADA systems can benefit your facility, contact us today. Click here to learn more about SCADA now.


Variable frequency drives help you conserve energy, reduce operating expense, reduce waste and noise, prolong equipment longevity and enhance staff comfort within your industrial, commercial or professional office environment.

4E installs and services standalone or networked VFD’s to help you:

  • Meet energy conservation and cost savings goals.
  • Maintain optimized facility or individual equipment set points under changing load conditions.
  • Fine tune and provide continuous precision speed and torque control of devices and equipment.
  • Interface with direct digital control systems and variable air volume systems to optimize automated HVAC cooling and heating systems.


For less complicated systems, 4E installs VFD’s that do not require any controller interface including: fume hoods, paint booths, conveyer belts and machine equipment rooms.

4E helps you evaluate, select and implement VFD strategies which best serve your energy and cost savings goals. Contact us now to learn how VFD’s help your business thrive.


Keep your operation on track and fix facility, SCADA and equipment malfunctions and breakdowns when you rely on 4E to serve your maintenance and urgent repair needs. Within hours or minutes our professional field technicians and engineers arrive at your doorstep, and work smart and fast to get you back in action.

4E supports many OEMs including:

  • Siemens
  • ABB Group
  • Allen-Bradley
  • Square D
  • Yaskawa America
  • Johnson Controls (Certified Technician)


Help prevent problems and schedule your maintenance service today. Do you have an urgent request? Avoid costly extended shutdowns and call 401-596-8111 to get help now.


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