Advantages OF LED's


  • Energy efficient – LED’s are now capable of outputting 135 lumens/watt
  • Long Lifetime – Up to 100,000 hours lifetime if properly engineered
  • Rugged – LED’s are also called “Solid State Lighting (SSL) as they are made of solid material with no filament or tube or bulb to break
  • No warm-up period – LED’s light instantly – in nanoseconds
  • Not affected by cold temperatures – LED’s “like” low temperatures and will startup even in subzero weather
  • Directional – With LED’s you can direct the light where you want it, thus no light is wasted
  • Excellent Color Rendering – LED’s do not wash out colors like other light sources making them perfect for displays and retail applications
  • Environmentally friendly – LED’s contain no mercury or other hazardous substances
  • Controllable – LED’s can be controlled for brightness and color

Incentive Programs

Everybody who choses to install LED Lighting Systems is eligible for instant rebates.  

How much intentives you will receive, will be determined by amount of Lights/Fixtures, and Cost/Size of system. 

Incentives also will vary by State. We are certified to install in Rhode Island, and Connecticut. 

Please Click Here if you are interested in getting a quote for LED Installation in your Business, or Home. 

Can I Save With LED?

Most people now understand that LEDs save energy, but since LEDs are more expensive than regular bulbs, they still may be hesitant to buy them. Believe us – it’s worth it. Here are some comparisons:

According to a chart published by Viribright, when you factor in both the cost of the bulb and the cost of electricity, the numbers for a 60-watt incandescent bulb, or its equivalent in LED and CFL, used over the course of 20 years, are very different:

Incandescent’s cost over 20 years: $211

CFL’s cost over 20 years: $54

LED’s cost over 20 years: $34

Even though LEDs typicall cost more, with the massive incentives involved to switch to Green Energy, it makes this purchase a NO BRAINER. 

The amount your business will save now, or over a 20 year period will be exponential. 

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